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    A couple of years ago we installed a imprint concrete patio and driveway in hartlepool and this year we were asked to extend a further part of the patio. If your thinking of extending your patio my aim of this article is to show you the process of how extended a stamped concrete area is done. many contractors will tell you that this type of work cant be done as often they fine that the area they are looking upon is not cost effective for them to do and also because they fine color matching the area to the existing area to be trouble.   The concrete area we where as to extend. The decking area is where we are going to extend the pattern concrete. As the decking area was on two levels and there was two doors areas we decided a large print concrete step was the best solution for the entrance of the house. So we started dismantling the decking area so we could the area ready and prepped for the concrete.     Once the Decking was taken up. the concrete brick edge border or the existing concrete surface area was cut back and we installed the concrete step and prepped the new patio area ready for concrete to be laid. After the new patio was printed. After a couple of days the new concrete patio surface was cut and washed. the washing of process of a imprinted concrete surface can be different in timing, depending of what the weather temperatures are like at the time of the project being done. this project is now ready to sealed.   The finish concrete project.     From the old decking to the new add on print concrete area as you will see here we have the finished matching imprint concrete patio extension. when extending a crete print concrete area you will have to take into consideration that the old existing area will need to be sealed again to match in the area  the two areas. Want to know more about different projects and patterns.               Work in Middlesbrough                       Work in Hebburn Work in Chester le Street  At North East Driveways we have done many pattern imprint concrete installations a cross the North East of England and Also North Yorkshire and County Durham we always like to give in-sight to  our work and project. we have done as there is many different patterns and colors in concrete imprint to chose from, Take a look at some of our articles above. I hope this article has been useful please feel free to leave a comment below or your thoughts on this article and if your interested in a quote then please don't hesitate give to give North East Driveways a call on 07864030328 or email us at Info@northeastdriveways.com   

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    This week at North East Driveways, the project in Middlesbrough was supposed to be a 158 sq metre  brush finish plane concrete driveway. However, after being impressed by the quality and workmanship of our previous concrete Imprint driveway installations, the customer opted instead for a pattern imprinted concrete driveway in classic grey and in the pattern of a large regal ashlar. You can also join our Face book page for up to date projects here at North East Driveways Face Book Page   Watch Video Of Full Works In Middlesbrough. At the start of the job we had to remove the old tarmac driveway and dig out the ground ready for the sub base. Once the waste was removed we stone up and tracked the ground and installed some drainage.   More Services Offer By North East Driveways. Concrete Block Paving   Garden Bin Storage. A great way to hide them wheelie bins and recycling boxes in the garden is by hiding them with a wooden bin store.  £129.99 £266.79 £149.49 Concrete Imprint Steps. When installing steps, there are several installation methods, depending on whether you want a block pave edge (which is available in different colours) or a whole imprint concrete step. On this occasion, we where asked to install a bridal block paved edge with an inter classic grey imprint concrete surface. You can check out our video dairy vlogs at our Youtube channel Here At North East Driveways Youtube Channel      The Imprint Concrete Article. THE FIRST POUR As this was a 158 sq metre project, we split the concreting pours in two, straight down the middle so as to have ample time for colouring, magging, frezing and printing the job on each day. THE EXPANSION JOINTS When installing an imprinted concrete driveway or patio, expansion joints are included to control cracking. Creating expansion joints usually involves saw cutting the concrete after the first pour. But as the pours on this job where done in two parts, we used the middle line as one of the expansion joints. THE WASHING OFF PROCESS After concrete pours have been done and printed, the excess release agent needs to be washed off before it can be sealed. This usually begins on this day the forms would be pulled out. However, on this project, the surrounding outside walls meant that no form work was required.   THE FINISHED PROJECT Check out our other blogs at North East Driveways Blogs as we regularly like to post and write about our work and jobs. North East Driveways And Joinery Services. Specialists in Pattern Imprint Concrete, Block Paving, Fencing and Decking, cleaning and Reseals. At affordable prices.  Call North East Driveways today for a free Quotation on 07864030328 and see what discounts we have available on bookings made this Month. www.northeastdriveways.com  Have a look at our whats involve with a Imprinted concrete Driveway Installation and how it works article here at Whats Involve With A Imprinted Concrete Driveway Installation and how it works    Maintenance Of A Imprinted concrete surface We are quit often asked to come and give quotations on Cleaning and Resealing existing pattern  concrete surfaces. keeping your a new or existing imprinted concrete surface maintain will keep it looking in great condition for years. if your interested in knowing more about the maintenance of a driveway or patio click the link here Clean and Reseals I hope the article is useful for you.  


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    At North East Driveways We Also offer a turfing service have a look at some of our recent jobs down below and please feel free to your comments on this article in the comments box at the bottom of the page as were always interested in hearing your thoughts.   Recent Work In Hartlepool.  Here we where asked to do a project which involve a patio, driveway, fence, gates and a new lawn. In the first picture you will we have removed and level the ground Ready for this project to begin.   Part Way Through The Lawn. After Fencing and laying the patio area and border to separate the soil planting borders from the lawn area we levelled the new soil that was delivered and started laying the lawn.   The Finished Lawn Area.  The lawn is Finished and ready for the patio to be washed and sealed with a pattern imprint concrete sealer and the rest of the project to proceed ahead.   Garden Accessories.             Redcar Works. Here We were asked to make a last minute alteration as to the plans for the project as originally the whole surface area was to be imprint concrete.   The Finished Project. We were asked to create a kidney shape lawn to add more character along with this projects other features. When having lawn work done it is always important to keep regularly water the surface area you have had done until the turf has taken.   If your interested in having a quotation for a lawn or having a garden project you can contact us on 07864030328 I hope this article has been useful. North East Driveways And Joinery Services The Specialist In Pattern Imprint Concrete, Block Paving, Fencing, Lawns And Decking And Also Clean and Reseals At Affordable Prices.   North East Driveways YouTube Channel.   Follow North East Driveways Youtube Channel For more video Vlogs don't forget to subcribe and hit the bell.   Lawn Mowers.        

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     Large Ashlar Classic Grey. At North East Driveways its been a busy summer and busy year too and we would like to thank all our customers for the work they given us. Here is some of our latest projects and examples of Imprinted concrete workmanship that we do across the whole of the North East.         Black Country Cobble. here we have a project we done in the Stockton On Tees area, where the customer had a limited budget so after giving a few ideas of costings and different designs it was decided by the customer to go with a black country cobble driveway and path around the house with a imprinted concrete border brick edge around the gravel infill where the garden use to be.            Small English Ashlar. here we where ask to design and do a patio area in a cotwolds and brown release colour with some space between the house and walls for some purple slate borders in Northallerton.         Black Cheshire Cobble. Here we have classic black Cheshire cobble project done in Billingham where we widen the entrance of the driveway by cutting down the wall and rebuilding the pillar and laying the pattern imprinted concrete driveway and patio.             Large Ashlar Regal. Here we were ask to create a patio area with a small wall in Eaglescliffe as the garden was higher than the path. The colour of the project is classic grey with a charcoal release agent and charcoal border and the pattern is done in a large ashlar regal pattern.            Ashlar Slate and English Ashlar. Here we were asked to do a infill of a area where it had raise charcoal  border so we done a plum red with a charcoal release agent in a English ashlar pattern against a brick red ashlar slate pattern in the Sunderland area.           Large Ashlar Regal. Here in the Hartlepool area, we were ask to do a patio and driveway project and a set of wooden gates the driveway and patio project was done in our large ashlar regal pattern the colour of the project is classic grey with a charcoal regent agent.              Further updates and on going projects. If you are thinking of having a driveway or patio done by us you can call us on 07864030328 You can also follow our latest projects and on going work via our facebook page or blog page on our website. Thanks for your time in reading this article please like and share.              

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      Here at North East driveways i like to show some of my latest projects whether there block paving, Imprinted concrete, paving flags or joinery.   The Starting Point   Here we have a picture of the original existing patio and my aim is to show you the transformation from old patio to the new patio.   Dig Out Process   With all pattern imprinted concrete jobs preparation is the key to a good job as you can see in this picture we have done the form work and installed the drianage and dug out and stone up the surface area.    Printing The Concrete When printing the surface area the more attention to detail is what gives your surface the more realistic element to paving.   Once A Surface Area Is Printed   After surface area is printed the concrete will need time to cure before the washing off stage begins.   Washing Off   At the stage of washing off the surface area is cleaned down and all shuttering is pulled and expansion joints are cut in.   Finished Project.    After the surface area is all clean down and dry the surface is sealed. If you would like to know any more information on then please don't hesitate to give me a call here at North East Driveways.