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    A couple of years ago we installed a imprint concrete patio and driveway in hartlepool and this year we were asked to extend a further part of the patio. If your thinking of extending your patio my aim of this article is to show you the process of how extended a stamped concrete area is done. many contractors will tell you that this type of work cant be done as often they fine that the area they are looking upon is not cost effective for them to do and also because they fine color matching the area to the existing area to be trouble.   The concrete area we where as to extend. The decking area is where we are going to extend the pattern concrete. As the decking area was on two levels and there was two doors areas we decided a large print concrete step was the best solution for the entrance of the house. So we started dismantling the decking area so we could the area ready and prepped for the concrete.     Once the Decking was taken up. the concrete brick edge border or the existing concrete surface area was cut back and we installed the concrete step and prepped the new patio area ready for concrete to be laid. After the new patio was printed. After a couple of days the new concrete patio surface was cut and washed. the washing of process of a imprinted concrete surface can be different in timing, depending of what the weather temperatures are like at the time of the project being done. this project is now ready to sealed.   The finish concrete project.     From the old decking to the new add on print concrete area as you will see here we have the finished matching imprint concrete patio extension. when extending a crete print concrete area you will have to take into consideration that the old existing area will need to be sealed again to match in the area  the two areas. Want to know more about different projects and patterns.               Work in Middlesbrough                       Work in Hebburn Work in Chester le Street  At North East Driveways we have done many pattern imprint concrete installations a cross the North East of England and Also North Yorkshire and County Durham we always like to give in-sight to  our work and project. we have done as there is many different patterns and colors in concrete imprint to chose from, Take a look at some of our articles above. I hope this article has been useful please feel free to leave a comment below or your thoughts on this article and if your interested in a quote then please don't hesitate give to give North East Driveways a call on 07864030328 or email us at Info@northeastdriveways.com   

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    At North Driveways We Offer Residential And Commercial Block Paving Installations At Affordable Prices. We Have Over 15 Years  Experience In The Industry So Far. So If Your Looking For Quotation For A Block Pave Driveway pathway Or Patio Area Then Can Contact Us At Info@northeastdriveways.com Or Visit www.northeastdriveways.com  There Is A Wide Range Of Block Paving Patterns And Designs If Your Interested In Knowing More Or Seeing More Then Just Ask Upon Your Enquiry. Examples Of Work. Here Is A Tegula Block Pave Driveway Installation We Did In Stokesley, Middlesbrough. When Thinking About Having A Block Pave Driveway There Is Many Styles Of Block Paving To Choose From. When Picking A Tegula Block, There Is Many Types To Choose From As well As Colours too. The Pictures Above Are Tegula Tumble Block In The Colour Of Autumn Blend There Is Many Styles Choose From.   Standard Block Paving Seems To Be Most Popular There Plenty Of Colours To Choose From. Here Is A Standard Block Pave Driveway In The Colour Of Charcoal With A light Grey Border Edging We Did In Chester Le Street.  Here Are Some More Examples Of Block Paving Work We Have Done For Customers Over The Years. At Northeast Driveways We Aim To Cater For Your Needs If You Need Advice Or Help Then Please Don't Hesitate To Give Us A Call. You Can Also Watch Our Video Vlogs On Our YouTube Channel For More Examples Or Our Work. Don't Forget To Subscribe. Also If Your Wondering How The Process Of Laying A Block Pave Driveway Works Then Have A Look At My Blog Article On The Driveway We Laid In Stokesley Here at Tegula Block Paving.   Testimonials.   Extending Your Existing Block Paving.  Are you looking to extend your existing block pave driveway at North East Driveways we offer this service. Here is an example of a recent block paving driveway extension. If you have block paving but your looking for that extra car park space then we can offer you this affordable option. If your looking for a quotation then contact us today on 07864030328   More Services.  Here are some more examples of driveways and patios we done in materials. If your looking for a different type of surface for your driveway, patio or even some fencing and decking work getting done. At North East Driveways we offer a number of services have at look at what we have to offer here at our services page.

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    Are you planning your driveway or patio  project this year and are looking for information on how the process is done and also for ideas on what to choose? Then we at North East Driveways can help you.   Take A Look At Some Of Our Recent Projects. Our Latest Pattern Imprint Concrete Driveway And Fencing works at Newton Aycliffe Darlington.    More Services We Offer. Block paving repairs Decking Lawns  At North East Driveways we offer a number of different services from driveway and patio installations garden walls, decking, block paving, fencing and much more, To have a look at what services we have to offer visit our Service page.   You Can Also Watch our work.   You can now watch our North East Driveways Youtube Channel  so if your looking for ideas or interested in seeing how its all done  i hope it helps and gives you all a great insight into how it all works, don't forget to like and subscribe.    Our Latest Imprint Concrete Driveway Project. This week At Northeast Driveways and joinery services we been working in Newton Aycliffe laying a Cheshire cobble pattern imprint concrete driveway and  doing a fencing too. You can also follow our current projects at our Facebook page at North East Driveways And Joinery Services   Start Of The Project.   So here was the start of this weeks project and as you will see when scrolling down its quite a transformation when you see the finished Driveway and fencing work.   So The Dig Out Begins. once we removed all the waste and spread the hardcore for our sub base of this driveway we then started on the fencing on each side of the driveway and prep the driveway ready for concreting. Concreting The Driveway. Now the Driveway has been concreted and the pattern imprinted and the works washed off its ready for the process of sealing.   The Finished Driveway. Here is this weeks Finished Driveway at Newton Aycliffe. I Hope this Article has been useful and if your looking for quotation you can call North East Driveways today on 07864030328 or vist our website at www.northeastdriveways.com and fill in the email form to request a call back. You Can also check out our products for sale too if your a keen D.I.Y person and are looking for suitable driveways sealers to maintain your driveway or patio Take at look at our products for sale at North East Driveways Products  

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    Looking to add more characteristics to your garden. A great way of showing off the beauty of your garden on a evening is garden lights and lighting. There's a wide range of lights for the garden and picking the perfect light requirements can help you enjoy your garden on evening and also help welcome guest to your front door. Shop Now.                                                                   Shop online more with North East Driveways For other Garden Products Visit Products Fore Sale.

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    This week at North East Driveways, the project in Middlesbrough was supposed to be a 158 sq metre  brush finish plane concrete driveway. However, after being impressed by the quality and workmanship of our previous concrete Imprint driveway installations, the customer opted instead for a pattern imprinted concrete driveway in classic grey and in the pattern of a large regal ashlar. You can also join our Face book page for up to date projects here at North East Driveways Face Book Page   Watch Video Of Full Works In Middlesbrough. At the start of the job we had to remove the old tarmac driveway and dig out the ground ready for the sub base. Once the waste was removed we stone up and tracked the ground and installed some drainage.   More Services Offer By North East Driveways. Concrete Block Paving   Garden Bin Storage. A great way to hide them wheelie bins and recycling boxes in the garden is by hiding them with a wooden bin store.  £129.99 £266.79 £149.49 Concrete Imprint Steps. When installing steps, there are several installation methods, depending on whether you want a block pave edge (which is available in different colours) or a whole imprint concrete step. On this occasion, we where asked to install a bridal block paved edge with an inter classic grey imprint concrete surface. You can check out our video dairy vlogs at our Youtube channel Here At North East Driveways Youtube Channel      The Imprint Concrete Article. THE FIRST POUR As this was a 158 sq metre project, we split the concreting pours in two, straight down the middle so as to have ample time for colouring, magging, frezing and printing the job on each day. THE EXPANSION JOINTS When installing an imprinted concrete driveway or patio, expansion joints are included to control cracking. Creating expansion joints usually involves saw cutting the concrete after the first pour. But as the pours on this job where done in two parts, we used the middle line as one of the expansion joints. THE WASHING OFF PROCESS After concrete pours have been done and printed, the excess release agent needs to be washed off before it can be sealed. This usually begins on this day the forms would be pulled out. However, on this project, the surrounding outside walls meant that no form work was required.   THE FINISHED PROJECT Check out our other blogs at North East Driveways Blogs as we regularly like to post and write about our work and jobs. North East Driveways And Joinery Services. Specialists in Pattern Imprint Concrete, Block Paving, Fencing and Decking, cleaning and Reseals. At affordable prices.  Call North East Driveways today for a free Quotation on 07864030328 and see what discounts we have available on bookings made this Month. www.northeastdriveways.com  Have a look at our whats involve with a Imprinted concrete Driveway Installation and how it works article here at Whats Involve With A Imprinted Concrete Driveway Installation and how it works    Maintenance Of A Imprinted concrete surface We are quit often asked to come and give quotations on Cleaning and Resealing existing pattern  concrete surfaces. keeping your a new or existing imprinted concrete surface maintain will keep it looking in great condition for years. if your interested in knowing more about the maintenance of a driveway or patio click the link here Clean and Reseals I hope the article is useful for you.  

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    If Your Looking For Easy Maintenance And A Driveway Or Patio Surface That's Weed Free Then Choosing Imprint Concrete Could Be Way Forward Your Home, With Plenty Of Styles, Colours And Patterns To Choose From You Can Create The Perfect Project. At North East Driveways We Have Over 15 Years of Experience In The Industry And Have Done Many Imprint Concrete Driveways, Patios And Walkways If You Would Like Quotation Then Please Contact Us At Info@northeastdriveways.com or Visit www.northeastdriveways.com Examples Of Work. Large Ashlar. Ramdom Stone. Cheshire Cobble.  Here Are Example Of Work I Have Done Over The Years. Imprint Concrete There Is Lots Of Colours To Choose From There Is Also Features That Can Be Added Into Your Design Like Colouring The Borders Or Adding A Compass.    Here Is A Large Ashlar Imprint Concrete Driveway We Did In Hartlepool The Colour Is Classic Grey With A Charcoal Release Agent The Finish Was A Gloss Sealer. There Is A Choice Of Sealants To Choose From Matt, Gloss, Or Satin. Small Royal Ashlar Country Cobble English Ashlar Latest Driveway Done In Newton Aycliffe.  If You Want To Know More On How The Process Of A Imprint Concrete Project Is Done My North East Driveways Then You Can Here At How The Process Works.  For More Examples Of My Work You Visit My Face-Book Page Here At North East Driveways And Joinery Services. Don't For To Hit The Like Button.    Testimonials.   Garden furniture for your patio. Kingfisher 6 Piece Patio Dining Set. Rouke Ratten Garden Furniture Set. 8 Piece Garden Furniture Set.  Complement your new imprint concrete patio with some garden furniture. For more garden furniture products have a look at my blog page  Garden furniture and see whats available.    Sealing Pattern Imprint Concrete. Here is a pattern imprint concrete job we sealed in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear. When sealing a imprint concrete driveways or patio there is different types of finish too choose from that are available there,s Gloss which seems to be the most popular and Matt which seems to be the second most popular and also Satin too.   Example of one of many driveways installations Eaglescliffe.   Before.   After.  An Example of a local Flag paved driveway of Eaglescliffe, Yarm, Stockton On Tees England that we transformed into a North East pattern imprint concrete driveway. the pattern was county cobble and the color was black With a charcoal release agent and with a gloss seal finish.   Complement your home with a feature for the imprint patio or imprint driveway.        A great way to complement your new concrete patio or drive is to add or buy features for it. buying wooden planters or garden benches and plant plots look beautiful and eye appealing when plotted up and displayed. looking for wooden planters or pots visit products for sale.   Pattern imprint concrete Middlesbrough.  An Example of a imprint concrete driveway job we did in Middlesbrough north east of England for four houses together. If you would like read up more on how we did this job then you can here at this weeks job.  

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    Recommended by a previous customer, whom we had worked for on two separate occasions, this week at North East Driveways and Joinery Services we where asked to install another a Cheshire cobble pattern imprint concrete driveway in Hebburn, South Tyne Side.   Hebburn.  START OF PROJECT Our brief was to create a weed-free surface that would be easy to maintain, as our customer didn't have time for gardening tasks, nor for weeding the existing block paving pathway. As always, the project started with the digging out and removal of waste.     PREPARATION Preparing the ground for concreting is a vital stage in the installation and can vary significantly from job to job. Some jobs may need shuttering and drainage and can have a dramatic impact on the price, in terms of time/labour (not to mention materials). On this occasion, however, it was very simple process of just stoning up the grounds.      THE PRINTING PROCESS Once the concrete has been been layered, screeded, coloured and floated in, the process of printing the concrete can begin. In the photo below, you can see us doing some hand tooling, an important part of constructing a pattern imprint concrete driveway or patio. It helps to achieve a realistic look to the chosen pattern, which, on this occasion, was Cheshire cobble.     THE FINISHED PRODUCT As you can see from the image below, the final installation was a beautiful, professional job that will be good for years to come. Most importantly, our customer was over the moon with the quality (and cost!) of the work.     At  North East Driveways and Joinery Services you can follow our blog for regular updates and latest News on recent work projects.   If you need a quote for your project, please just get in touch. We cover the whole of the north east of England, including Teesside (Stockton and Middlesbrough), Redcar, Saltburn, Guisborough, Darlington, Northallerton, Sunderland, Durham, Gateshead, Whitby, Newcastle upon Tyne, Catterick, Thirsk, Bishop Auckland, Spennymoor, Weardale and York.   Products For Your Garden. Gazebos Bbq Garden Furniture  Having the right garden furniture or gazebo for your garden and patio can complement the recent works done. For enjoying the recent newly installed patio, picking garden furniture that's comfortable is always the best way for you enjoy the long days in your garden admiring the works and for relaxing waiting for that food to cook on the bbq.   Imprint Concrete Colours.  When Having a Imprint concrete patio, pathway or driveway installed there is a large choice of different colour hardeners to choose from. Colour hardener is one part of what makes the colour of a Imprint concrete surface the second part is a Release agent which is applied in just before the Printing process. we at North East Driveways will always have a colour board for you to look at upon a quotations if you would like to see the colours.   Patterns Of Imprint Concrete. There's many patterns and styles in imprint concrete to choose from. Here are a few from work we have done in Hartlepool, Northallerton, Houghton le Spring, Durham and Tollesby, Middlesbrough. If you would like to see more patterns the you can visit my Face-book page North East Driveways And Joinery Services where you will be able to see more current projects and many more patterns as well colours or work that i have done, Don't forget to like it the like button.  Turfing Lawns And The Garden. In this project we did in Hartlepool you will see from the above picture we also offer a landscaping service here at North East Driveways and have done for years. so if your looking a patio as well as the lawn or garden being sorted out then we can offer you that as a service if you want to know more about our lawns and landscaping service from North East driveways then Have a look at some of my examples of work done here at Lawns and Landscaping Wooden Planters Apple Creates Decking Planter Log Planter Wood planters are a great way to show off your newly transform driveway or patio area they can also give the extra features to your garden for you, family and friends to admire. what more of a perfect way to show off your potting skills by planting up your wooden planting boxes or planters. For More Wooden Planter To Create Your Beautiful Garden And Create Them Planted Features Visit Products For Sale.   Plane Concrete Project. If Imprint concrete is not your thing, then we also offer other installation services here at North East Driveways. one product that seems to be coming backing into fashion is plane concrete. here was a job we did at Stockton On Tees Teesside. The was done in plane concrete with a brush finish surface. a plane pad can come in many different finishes if your looking for a quotation options can be discussed at the time of what type of finish you prefer. for information of services i offer you can find out here at Services  Maintaining Your Imprint Concrete. Jet Washing Algae And Moss Clean And Reseals  If you look after a Concrete imprint pad weather its a imprint concrete driveway, pathway or patio then it will last for years to come. resealing your imprint concrete will protect the top from weather conditions and dirt and grime. we at North East Driveways offer a Clean and re-seal service to old and new customers if your looking for information on how this service works then you can contact us for a quotation or visit my Re-sealing article for more information first at  Imprint Concrete Re-sealing service  Re-sealing pattern imprint concrete is only a faction of the price of having one installed.   The Benefits Of Having Stamped Concrete.  If your looking for real easy maintenance With your driveway, pathway or patio and a product that's weed free then imprint concrete stamp is the way forward. Why have the hassle and expense of up keep every year with the maintenance of weeds and pressure washing driveways, pathways and patios area's or having the chew of doing it all yourself when you can have a easy maintenance with a imprint concrete stamp surface. I have been in the industry for over 15 years and have laid many driveways, pathways and patios in all surfaces from block paving driveway and patios,  to tarmac driveways, Indian sand stone, resin bond driveways and paving flags and for many customers across the whole of the North East of the United Kingdom from Places as far as Newcastle upon Tyne to places such as Kelloe County Durham, Stockton On Tees, Middlesbrough, Guisborough, Billingham and Redcar in Cleveland. I have been involved with projects of Macdonald's car parks, walkways and drive tru projects and I can only give my personal opinion but if your looking for easy mainetance then choose pattern imprint concrete.  Garden Out Door Fire Pits Propane gas Fire Pit Fire Pit And Bbq Grill Patio Fire Pit Heater  Garden out door fire pits are a great way of keeping warm on a late in evening on your north east patio when it a bit chilling on evening there's no need to throw on a jumper to keep warm just light the fire pit and enjoy the evening sit back and relax and admire your garden. if your looking for a fire pit the why not have a look at products for sale in Fire pits and garden heaters 

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     At North East Driveways We Offer A Re-sealing Service Of Imprint Concrete To New And Existing Customers. We Also Do Sealant Treatments To Block Paving As Well Indian Sandstone And Paving Flags If Your Driveway Or Patio Is In Need Of This Treatment  And You Would Quote On This Service Then Contact Me At Info@northeastdriveways.com Or Visit www.northeastdriveways.com     Examples Of Imprint Concrete Being Re-sealed. Redcar. Whitby. Spennymoor. Middlesbrough.  Here Are Examples Of Work I Have Done Over The Years With Treating Imprint Concrete Driveways And Patios Across The North East.  Treating Your Imprint Concrete Surface Will Protect The Top From Dirt And Grime Also Make The Surface Oil Resistant.  Want To Know More ? If You Want To Know More On How This Service And Treatment Works You Can Here At  Clean And Reseals. Also You Can Follow My Up To Date Projects On My Facebook Page At North East Driveways And Joinery Services. If Your Wanting To Know More About The Treatments and cleaning of Block Paving You Can Here At Block Paving Clean and Reseals   A Recent Fencing Job We Did In Sunderland. Want To Enjoy Your Garden This Year And Make The Most Of Them Summer Days And Evenings Or Long Weekends In The Garden Entertaining Guest Or Just Relaxing Then Shop With Us At Products For Sale For Everything You Need To Enjoy The Garden.

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    When Planning Your Garden, Patio Or Driveway Project Some Time Customers Choose To Replace Existing Walls or Create Them. At North East Driveways We Offer This Service So If Your Planning A Project And Also Need A Wall Built With It Too Then We Can Offer You This Service. Contact Us Today At Info@northeastdriveways.com Or visit At www.northeastdriveways.com   The Of The Project. Here Was A Project Where We Ask To Knock Down The Old Walls And Rebuild Them And Also Extend The Driveway And Create A Pattern Imprint Concrete Driveway. Here We Are At The Start Of Re-Building The Walls If You Want See The Finish Project And More Projects You Can Also Visit My Face-Book page North East Driveways And Joinery Services Don't Forget To Hit The Like Page Button.