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    Recommended by a previous customer, whom we had worked for on two separate occasions, this week at North East Driveways and Joinery Services we where asked to install another a Cheshire cobble pattern imprint concrete driveway in Hebburn, South Tyne Side.   Hebburn.  START OF PROJECT Our brief was to create a weed-free surface that would be easy to maintain, as our customer didn't have time for gardening tasks, nor for weeding the existing block paving pathway. As always, the project started with the digging out and removal of waste.     PREPARATION Preparing the ground for concreting is a vital stage in the installation and can vary significantly from job to job. Some jobs may need shuttering and drainage and can have a dramatic impact on the price, in terms of time/labour (not to mention materials). On this occasion, however, it was very simple process of just stoning up the grounds.      THE PRINTING PROCESS Once the concrete has been been layered, screeded, coloured and floated in, the process of printing the concrete can begin. In the photo below, you can see us doing some hand tooling, an important part of constructing a pattern imprint concrete driveway or patio. It helps to achieve a realistic look to the chosen pattern, which, on this occasion, was Cheshire cobble.     THE FINISHED PRODUCT As you can see from the image below, the final installation was a beautiful, professional job that will be good for years to come. Most importantly, our customer was over the moon with the quality (and cost!) of the work.     At  North East Driveways and Joinery Services you can follow our blog for regular updates and latest News on recent work projects.   If you need a quote for your project, please just get in touch. We cover the whole of the north east of England, including Teesside (Stockton and Middlesbrough), Redcar, Saltburn, Guisborough, Darlington, Northallerton, Sunderland, Durham, Gateshead, Whitby, Newcastle upon Tyne, Catterick, Thirsk, Bishop Auckland, Spennymoor, Weardale and York.   Products For Your Garden. Gazebos Bbq Garden Furniture  Having the right garden furniture or gazebo for your garden and patio can complement the recent works done. For enjoying the recent newly installed patio, picking garden furniture that's comfortable is always the best way for you enjoy the long days in your garden admiring the works and for relaxing waiting for that food to cook on the bbq.   Imprint Concrete Colours.  When Having a Imprint concrete patio, pathway or driveway installed there is a large choice of different colour hardeners to choose from. Colour hardener is one part of what makes the colour of a Imprint concrete surface the second part is a Release agent which is applied in just before the Printing process. we at North East Driveways will always have a colour board for you to look at upon a quotations if you would like to see the colours.   Patterns Of Imprint Concrete. There's many patterns and styles in imprint concrete to choose from. Here are a few from work we have done in Hartlepool, Northallerton, Houghton le Spring, Durham and Tollesby, Middlesbrough. If you would like to see more patterns the you can visit my Face-book page North East Driveways And Joinery Services where you will be able to see more current projects and many more patterns as well colours or work that i have done, Don't forget to like it the like button.  Turfing Lawns And The Garden. In this project we did in Hartlepool you will see from the above picture we also offer a landscaping service here at North East Driveways and have done for years. so if your looking a patio as well as the lawn or garden being sorted out then we can offer you that as a service if you want to know more about our lawns and landscaping service from North East driveways then Have a look at some of my examples of work done here at Lawns and Landscaping Wooden Planters Apple Creates Decking Planter Log Planter Wood planters are a great way to show off your newly transform driveway or patio area they can also give the extra features to your garden for you, family and friends to admire. what more of a perfect way to show off your potting skills by planting up your wooden planting boxes or planters. For More Wooden Planter To Create Your Beautiful Garden And Create Them Planted Features Visit Products For Sale.   Plane Concrete Project. If Imprint concrete is not your thing, then we also offer other installation services here at North East Driveways. one product that seems to be coming backing into fashion is plane concrete. here was a job we did at Stockton On Tees Teesside. The was done in plane concrete with a brush finish surface. a plane pad can come in many different finishes if your looking for a quotation options can be discussed at the time of what type of finish you prefer. for information of services i offer you can find out here at Services  Maintaining Your Imprint Concrete. Jet Washing Algae And Moss Clean And Reseals  If you look after a Concrete imprint pad weather its a imprint concrete driveway, pathway or patio then it will last for years to come. resealing your imprint concrete will protect the top from weather conditions and dirt and grime. we at North East Driveways offer a Clean and re-seal service to old and new customers if your looking for information on how this service works then you can contact us for a quotation or visit my Re-sealing article for more information first at  Imprint Concrete Re-sealing service  Re-sealing pattern imprint concrete is only a faction of the price of having one installed.   The Benefits Of Having Stamped Concrete.  If your looking for real easy maintenance With your driveway, pathway or patio and a product that's weed free then imprint concrete stamp is the way forward. Why have the hassle and expense of up keep every year with the maintenance of weeds and pressure washing driveways, pathways and patios area's or having the chew of doing it all yourself when you can have a easy maintenance with a imprint concrete stamp surface. I have been in the industry for over 15 years and have laid many driveways, pathways and patios in all surfaces from block paving driveway and patios,  to tarmac driveways, Indian sand stone, resin bond driveways and paving flags and for many customers across the whole of the North East of the United Kingdom from Places as far as Newcastle upon Tyne to places such as Kelloe County Durham, Stockton On Tees, Middlesbrough, Guisborough, Billingham and Redcar in Cleveland. I have been involved with projects of Macdonald's car parks, walkways and drive tru projects and I can only give my personal opinion but if your looking for easy mainetance then choose pattern imprint concrete.  Garden Out Door Fire Pits Propane gas Fire Pit Fire Pit And Bbq Grill Patio Fire Pit Heater  Garden out door fire pits are a great way of keeping warm on a late in evening on your north east patio when it a bit chilling on evening there's no need to throw on a jumper to keep warm just light the fire pit and enjoy the evening sit back and relax and admire your garden. if your looking for a fire pit the why not have a look at products for sale in Fire pits and garden heaters 

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    This week, we've been working off another another recommendation. We were asked to do a 73 sq meter regal ashlar stamped concrete driveway in the colour of basalt grey with charcoal release agent and a charcoal brick border.  I personally always think having a different colour border on a pattern imprinted concrete driveway or patio gives that extra realistic look to paving but coloured borders are optional.  My aim with this blog is to try and give you a insight to how jobs work and run I hope the information is useful to you if you are looking for a pattern imprinted concrete project to be done at your home. Please leave your feedback and comments at the bottom. You can follow our Face book page at North East Driveways Face book For more projects. MONDAY MORNING In the picture above, you can see us digging up the old driveway and the lawn. At North East Driveways we always aim to try get all the waste removed on the same day and the hardcore spread, depending on how big the project is. Want to see our fencing work take a look at North East Driveways Fencing Services TUESDAY MORNING First, we prep up the job and laid the hardcore. Prep work tells us whether or not we need to install drainage, shuttering or even manhole covers. All jobs can vary due to differing levels and surface area. In this job, however, there wasn't a lot of prepping to do, so we had a bit of a easy day for a change. When attending site (in order to provide a quote for a customer), I will always take into consideration what drainage, manhole covers and shuttering etc., may be required, as this, of course, can affect the price. Follow our YouTube channel and see our work at North East Driveways Youtube Channel  don't for to subscribe and hit the bell for regular notifications. and please leave your comments on what you think. WEDNESDAY One the hardcore is down and compacted, the process of laying (and magging off) the concrete can begin. Magging is the process of smoothing out the concrete to remove any imperfections. Once that is done, we can start imprinting the pattern (see photo above). This part of the job can be a messy business, but customers needn't worry, as protective sheeting is put up where needed and everything is cleaned away during the washing off process. Did you know North East Driveways are becoming more popular in the north east of England THE FINISHED JOB! I hope this article has given you a insight to how the process of a pattern imprinted concrete driveway or patio is laid. If your thinking about having yours done, then please don't hesitate to give us a call on 07864030328 or visit www.northeastdriveways.com  What to see more Patterns, Colours and Designs then please visit our Summer Projects  Article or Patterns and Designs Article    The Recommendation.  Have a look at our Recommendations on our facebook page.   North East Driveways Youtube Channel.   Sheds and Garden Storage. Keeping things secure like the lawn mower and needing more garden storage for things like a bbq set or garden tools can become quite a task for the garage especially with ever expanding house holds have a look of some of these Garden sheds and storage units            


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    Summers a great time to be out in the garden but can also be a very testing time fighting with the weeds if your looking for easy maintenance then a stamped concrete patio or surface area may be the right solution for your garden. Here in this article we would like to show you some examples of projects we have recently done.   Walkway Slate Imprinted Concrete Project. Here we have a Recent Classic Grey walkway slate pattern Imprinted concrete project   Ramdom Stone. here we have a Ramdom stone Imprint Concrete patio in the colour of plum with a charcoal release agent.   European Fan. Here we have a european fan imprint concrete project in the colour of platuinm grey and classic grey release.   Regal Ashlar. Here we have a regal ashlar in a classic grey with a charcoal release.   County Cobble. here we have a county cobble pattern imprint concrete project in a slate blue colour with a charcoal release agent. Small Ashlar.  Here we have a small ashlar concrete imprint project in the colours of classic grey with a chacoal release agent and black border.   Cheshire Cobble.  Here we have a Slate Grey cheshire cobble imprint concrete project.   London cobble.  here we have a london cobble jet black concrete imprint project. Let us know in the comment box below which is your favourite North East Driveways And Joinery Services concrete imprint project and colour. North East Driveways And Joinery Services the specialist in pattern imprint concrete, block paving, fencing and decking and also clean and reseals at affordable prices.   call north east driveways today for a free quotation on 07864030328 and see what discounts we have available on bookings made this month.

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    Examples of colours and patterns and our finished work. The idea of this article is to show the different types of work we do and have done in driveways. There is more colours and patterns available too but this is really just to show what type of work we do and what people have been asking us to do. I will try my best to keep updating this article with more work examples  or alternatively go back to the main website for more information.   London cobble  Here we have a London cobble imprinted concrete driveway to which was laid in Norton Stockton on tees it took about 10 days to do from start to finish. the colour is basalt grey with a tinted black border and a gloss finish.   Country cobble Here we have a black country cobble imprinted concrete driveway in a gloss finish which was laid in Middlesbrough it took about a week to do from start to completion.   Royal ashlar Here we have a royal ashlar pattern imprinted concrete driveway in a gloss finish this job was laid in Guisbrough and took about 5 days to complete the colour is biscuit and it has a acid stain border toffee.   English Ashlar slate Here we have a English ashlar slate this job was laid in Sunderland and took 7 days to complete from start to finish the colour of the job is basalt grey and a tinted black border.   Plane concrete Here we have a plane concrete driveway we laid in fairfield stockton on tees it is a a magged plane concrete with a brush finish the took 5 days to do from start to finish.   Cheshire cobble  Cheshire cobble driveway here done in new Maske near Saltburn the colour is ash grey and was sealed a gloss finish.   Tegular block paving Tegular block paving here done in Stockton on tees Portrack the colour of these blocks are bracken with a charcoal inner border takes about a week to a job of this size. it was also key bonded after completion.    Roylal ashlar slate Royal ashlar slate in basalt grey and charcoal release the pattern was laid on 45 degree angel the job was laid in Stockton tees Ingelby Barrwick it took about 10 working days to complete this job from start to finish.   Tegular block paving Tegular block paving here done in martin Middlesbrough it took about a week to do this job from start to finish and colour of the blocks was heather with a charcoal border   I hope this article has been useful and please feel to comment like and share and if you like a quotation then please don't hesitate to give us a call www.northeastdriveways.com