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This week at North East Driveways, the project in Middlesbrough was supposed to be a 158 sq metre  brush finish plane concrete driveway. However, after being impressed by the quality and workmanship of our previous concrete Imprint driveway installations, the customer opted instead for a pattern imprinted concrete driveway in classic grey and in the pattern of a large regal ashlar. You can also join our Face book page for up to date projects here at North East Driveways Face Book Page


Watch Video Of Full Works In Middlesbrough.

At the start of the job we had to remove the old tarmac driveway and dig out the ground ready for the sub base. Once the waste was removed we stone up and tracked the ground and installed some drainage.


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Block Paving


Garden Bin Storage.

A great way to hide them wheelie bins and recycling boxes in the garden is by hiding them with a wooden bin store. 




Concrete Imprint Steps.

When installing steps, there are several installation methods, depending on whether you want a block pave edge (which is available in different colours) or a whole imprint concrete step. On this occasion, we where asked to install a bridal block paved edge with an inter classic grey imprint concrete surface. You can check out our video dairy vlogs at our Youtube channel Here At North East Driveways Youtube Channel



 The Imprint Concrete Article.


As this was a 158 sq metre project, we split the concreting pours in two, straight down the middle so as to have ample time for colouring, magging, frezing and printing the job on each day.


When installing an imprinted concrete driveway or patio, expansion joints are included to control cracking. Creating expansion joints usually involves saw cutting the concrete after the first pour. But as the pours on this job where done in two parts, we used the middle line as one of the expansion joints.


After concrete pours have been done and printed, the excess release agent needs to be washed off before it can be sealed. This usually begins on this day the forms would be pulled out. However, on this project, the surrounding outside walls meant that no form work was required.



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Maintenance Of A Imprinted concrete surface

We are quit often asked to come and give quotations on Cleaning and Resealing existing pattern  concrete surfaces. keeping your a new or existing imprinted concrete surface maintain will keep it looking in great condition for years. if your interested in knowing more about the maintenance of a driveway or patio click the link here Clean and Reseals I hope the article is useful for you.