0 A Patio Imprint Concrete Extension Hartlepool By North East Driveways

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A couple of years ago we installed a imprint concrete patio and driveway in hartlepool and this year we were asked to extend a further part of the patio. If your thinking of extending your patio my aim of this article is to show you the process of how extended a stamped concrete area is done. many contractors will tell you that this type of work cant be done as often they fine that the area they are looking upon is not cost effective for them to do and also because they fine color matching the area to the existing area to be trouble.


The concrete area we where as to extend.

The decking area is where we are going to extend the pattern concrete. As the decking area was on two levels and there was two doors areas we decided a large print concrete step was the best solution for the entrance of the house. So we started dismantling the decking area so we could the area ready and prepped for the concrete. 


 Once the Decking was taken up. the concrete brick edge border or the existing concrete surface area was cut back and we installed the concrete step and prepped the new patio area ready for concrete to be laid.

After the new patio was printed.

After a couple of days the new concrete patio surface was cut and washed. the washing of process of a imprinted concrete surface can be different in timing, depending of what the weather temperatures are like at the time of the project being done. this project is now ready to sealed.


The finish concrete project.



From the old decking to the new add on print concrete area as you will see here we have the finished matching imprint concrete patio extension. when extending a crete print concrete area you will have to take into consideration that the old existing area will need to be sealed again to match in the area  the two areas.

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 At North East Driveways we have done many pattern imprint concrete installations a cross the North East of England and Also North Yorkshire and County Durham we always like to give in-sight to  our work and project. we have done as there is many different patterns and colors in concrete imprint to chose from, Take a look at some of our articles above. I hope this article has been useful please feel free to leave a comment below or your thoughts on this article and if your interested in a quote then please don't hesitate give to give North East Driveways a call on 07864030328 or email us at