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    Block Paving and Block Paved Driveways.  Here at North East Driveways we like to show you our work and the choice of the different services we offer. To days Article aim is to show you the different styles and colours available in block paving and give you a insight to how a block paved driveway is laid by us too.  Tegula Block Paving. Tegula block paving can come in various different styles and colours in this article my aim is to show you some examples of our work but if your interested in this type of product and are thinking of going down the road of having  this  type of driveway installed there is many more styles of blocks too choose from and we can show you more examples and styles if you choose to have  quotation from us.  The Starting Point. After choosing a pattern and style of block and the design of the area you are wanting done Like with any driveway or project there is always a starting point  and removing the old surface area and digging out is usually that point.   The Process Of Whats Involved With A Block paved Driveway.   At North East Driveways we always aim to have all waste and surface area dug out and removed and prepped up with in the first few days of a project depending on how big the surface area is of course but usually a standard driveway or patio is nothing compared to commercial projects in the photo above is us removing the waste from this driveway. Screeding and blocking of a project. Once the area has been dug out and the waste removed and the surface area stoned up compacted and the prep work of drainage has been done the area is sanded and screeded in sections and the blocks are then laid this when you start to see your driveway taken shape. Cutting In. With any block paved area or project once all blocks are laid you will have areas where the blocks will need to be cut in this done with either a block cutter or stil saw.   The finishing touches. After the cutting in process we at North East Driveways concrete all border bricks to stop the driveway from spreading we also sand and whack the block paved surface area and then key bond the blocks to stabilize the sand between the block paving joints and start to tidy the surrounding garden borders.   Finished work.   On completion we always aim to leave a driveway or patio area looking like this. i hope this article as been useful to you and please feel free to leave a comment and your thoughts if you are interested  in a quotation then please don't hesitate to give us call www.northeastdriveways.com we are open between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm thanks.