0 Pattern Imprinted Concrete Sealer (5 Litre)

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At North East Driveways we Think its important to keep your Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway, pathway, patio surface Area Regularly maintain particularly after spending all that money on having one installed so if your a keen DIY-er yourself then we stock the necessary products for sale to keep you going with your DIY project.

On this page the tins of sealer we have are more suitable for Imprint concrete surface areas of 2-4 Sq meters and we have a range of different sealants for your requirements. 



Multicrete Imprinted Concrete Sealer is a high quality acrylic solvent based clear sealer, designed to protect Imprinted Concrete areas by repelling water, dirt, oil and fuels.

  • Ready for use no dilution required
  • Surface dry in 1-4 hours (air and ground temperature dependant)
  • High Solids
  • Enhances imprinted concrete drives and patios
  • 2-4 square metres per litre depending on the substrate, porosity of surface and application method. Some porous or neglected surfaces may require more than a single coat.
  • For new surfaces – leave up to 7 days after new concrete is laid. Ensure the surface is clean and thoroughly dry.
  • For old surfaces – fully clean off with power wash, ensure surface is free of stains and debris.
  • Allow to thoroughly dry prior to application. This may take several days.
  • Do not be tempted to power wash in the morning and apply sealant in the same day.
  • Can be applied by course droplet low level, chemical resistant sprayer, soft bristled brush or roller. (Do not use plastic coloured brushes)
  • Avoid excess pooling and over coating.
  • Ensure expansion joints are well cleaned and allowed to thoroughly dry.
  • Tints can be used but are not recommended unless they have been applied in the past or there is an issue with bare concrete visible.
  • Limitations
  • Do not apply when ground temperatures are below 8 degrees
  • Do not apply to damp or wet surfaces
  • Do not apply when rain is imminent or if efflorescence is present
  • Do not walk on treated area till dry
  • Do not park vehicles on treated surface for 24-48 hrs
  • Do not use on clay surfaces
  • Inclusion of additives such as colour tints, pigments and anti-slip agents may affect final finish

Test Patch

  • It is always advisable that a test patch in an inconspicuous area is performed prior to application of the sealant to the entire area.

Please note – solvent based sealants may “bloom” should damp or moisture be present before full cure has taken place. Solvents are released during the cure that normally permeate through the sealer, however if the sealant is applied too thickly, the substrate is damp or cold, blooming may occur giving the appearance of milky white or silvery cloud effect, this may look patchy, spotty in certain areas or across the whole driveway or patio.

If you experience a bloom in your finished sealed surface please understand that although this looks unsightly, this is not a product fault and can be rectified with xylene or bloom remover.

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