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This week, we've been working off another another recommendation. We were asked to do a 73 sq meter regal ashlar stamped concrete driveway in the colour of basalt grey with charcoal release agent and a charcoal brick border. 

I personally always think having a different colour border on a pattern imprinted concrete driveway or patio gives that extra realistic look to paving but coloured borders are optional. 

My aim with this blog is to try and give you a insight to how jobs work and run I hope the information is useful to you if you are looking for a pattern imprinted concrete project to be done at your home. Please leave your feedback and comments at the bottom. You can follow our Face book page at North East Driveways Face book For more projects.


In the picture above, you can see us digging up the old driveway and the lawn. At North East Driveways we always aim to try get all the waste removed on the same day and the hardcore spread, depending on how big the project is. Want to see our fencing work take a look at North East Driveways Fencing Services


First, we prep up the job and laid the hardcore. Prep work tells us whether or not we need to install drainage, shuttering or even manhole covers. All jobs can vary due to differing levels and surface area. In this job, however, there wasn't a lot of prepping to do, so we had a bit of a easy day for a change. When attending site (in order to provide a quote for a customer), I will always take into consideration what drainage, manhole covers and shuttering etc., may be required, as this, of course, can affect the price. Follow our YouTube channel and see our work at North East Driveways Youtube Channel  don't for to subscribe and hit the bell for regular notifications. and please leave your comments on what you think.


One the hardcore is down and compacted, the process of laying (and magging off) the concrete can begin. Magging is the process of smoothing out the concrete to remove any imperfections. Once that is done, we can start imprinting the pattern (see photo above). This part of the job can be a messy business, but customers needn't worry, as protective sheeting is put up where needed and everything is cleaned away during the washing off process. Did you know North East Driveways are becoming more popular in the north east of England


I hope this article has given you a insight to how the process of a pattern imprinted concrete driveway or patio is laid. If your thinking about having yours done, then please don't hesitate to give us a call on 07864030328 or visit 

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