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    The Maintenance of a pattern concrete surface area. The aim of this article is to offer some advice and to try and answer some commend questions we get asked by customers who have either had or are having a Imprinted concrete driveway or patio done. some of the pictures of driveways and patios are jobs i have done and I regular go back and treat them as a service for the customer the other pictures are of customers who have called me out for a clean and reseal service. I hope this article is useful people and answers some of your question please feel free to leave a comment and like and share our page thanks. Over the past few years pattern imprinted concrete has become more and more popular Having a pattern imprinted concrete driveway, patio or surface area cleaned and resealed can not only enhance the look of your property but also protect the surface area of your decorative concrete. north east driveways has over 12 years of experience in the industry and for some reason we see a lot of paths, patios and driveways get put down by competitors and never really see any up keep of them. Our service. At North East Driveways and Joinery Services we offer a service of cleaning all that dirt and grime down off a existing pattern imprinted concrete surface area that has been down for years and then resealing them we offer this service not only to existing customers but also new ones. Affordability We Always aim to keep all our services affordable and fair for all our customers and new ones too. Although a imprinted concrete surface area is very low maintenance to up keep we believe a lot customers get mislead guidance by sale reps or door sellers in the maintaining of them and also put off by the thought of the cost especially after the initial lump some of having a decorative surface originally installed. The cost of a clean and reseal done as a service is far less than a surface area installation and will keep it looking maintained for years to come.  Neglected Maintenance. If a decorative concrete surface area is neglected for years it will become harder to fix and more costly to fix too sadly at North East Driveways we see a lot of this has happen when we go to quotes for a clean and reseal and sadly in most cases they can not be redeem by a clean and reseal. Common Questions. Quite often one of the most common questions we get asked on the phone is can we put the colour back into a imprinted concrete driveway or surface area of one. If a imprinted concrete surface area looks faded but when its wet some it looks near to like it did when it was originally first done then all is well and a simple clean and reseal service will bring it back to its original former glory. Recent work. Here is a recent clean and reseal done by North East Driveways and Joinery services. I hope this article has been useful to all who view it and would appreciate your comments and likes and shares and if you would like a quotation or just some advice then please don't hesitate to call us.  https://www.northeastdriveways.com/