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    AT North East Driveways We also offer a Wall Crete Services. There are many styles of stunning stone effects walls to choose from all done by imprinting tools and we offer a wide range of colours and patterns too.   So What Is Wallcrete. Wallcrete is a Advanced lightweight rendering system that has been specifically design to recreate many of the natural products that are use in all types of walling or rock carving and sculpting construction.     What It Used For. Wallcrete can use for tidying up old or new walls that are structurally safe and can be used for internal and external walls, brick or breeze block, fish pond areas garden walls or houses instead of rendering. It is also used across many theme parks to create themes in there park areas on a commercial scale.    Example Of A Recent Job. Here we  have a two old walls that we were asked by the customer to wallcrete as a stone effect in the colour of charcoal. there are many colours to choose from and also different designs. The Finished Wallcrete Project. Two Walls Finished in charcoal stone effect wallcrete with out the expense or mess of knocking them down do. I hope this Article has been useful and given you the information you need please like and share my blogs and feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts. and if your looking for a quotation then please don't hesitate to give me a call. North East Driveways The Specialist in pattern imprint concrete, block paving, fencing and decking and also clean and reseals at affordable prices. 07864030328 or you can email me at Info@northeastdriveways.com     


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    In your garden sometimes a nice decking area adds the finishing touches to a landscaping project. having a decking area is great for a seating or eating area or even just to sitting and enjoy sun rays in the summer days.  At North East Driveways And Joinery Services we offer a decking installation service we provide quotations that are cater for your requirements and at affordable prices. If your thinking about having a decking area installed at your property then please don't hesitate to give us a call on 07864030328 The Start Of A Recent Decking Job. On this project we were asked to install a area of decking at quite a height the level was split into two, here we are preparing the frame work. Boarding The Floor.  After the Frame work was done we started boarding the floor with the decking. Follow our video blogs on our Youtube channel at North East Driveways Youtube Channel to see how our work progresses don't forget to like our videos and subscribe too.     Balustrade. After Installing all the decking floor we then installed the balustrade railings. If your looking to have some Pattern Imprint Concrete  in your surrounding decking project then You can also  Check out our Imprint concrete services article we offer at North East Driveways Imprint Concrete   Stairs. We then made a start on the stairs. Block paving can look Great around a decking feature want to Know more about our Block paving Services then have a look at North East Driveways Block Paving Services The Finished Decking Project. Cleaning and Reseals of driveways and patios are available by North East Driveways as a service and are very popular at this time of year. Check out what we we offer as a service Cleaning And Reseals By North East Driveways And Joinery Services  I hope this article has been useful to all who are reading please feel free to leave your comments and thoughts and if your looking for a quotation then please don't hesitate to give us a call at www.northeastdriveways.com    You Can Also Follow our Facebook page for more current up to date works and designs at North East Driveways And Joinery Services Face Book 


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    Summers a great time to be out in the garden but can also be a very testing time fighting with the weeds if your looking for easy maintenance then a stamped concrete patio or surface area may be the right solution for your garden. Here in this article we would like to show you some examples of projects we have recently done.   Walkway Slate Imprinted Concrete Project. Here we have a Recent Classic Grey walkway slate pattern Imprinted concrete project   Ramdom Stone. here we have a Ramdom stone Imprint Concrete patio in the colour of plum with a charcoal release agent.   European Fan. Here we have a european fan imprint concrete project in the colour of platuinm grey and classic grey release.   Regal Ashlar. Here we have a regal ashlar in a classic grey with a charcoal release.   County Cobble. here we have a county cobble pattern imprint concrete project in a slate blue colour with a charcoal release agent. Small Ashlar.  Here we have a small ashlar concrete imprint project in the colours of classic grey with a chacoal release agent and black border.   Cheshire Cobble.  Here we have a Slate Grey cheshire cobble imprint concrete project.   London cobble.  here we have a london cobble jet black concrete imprint project. Let us know in the comment box below which is your favourite North East Driveways And Joinery Services concrete imprint project and colour. North East Driveways And Joinery Services the specialist in pattern imprint concrete, block paving, fencing and decking and also clean and reseals at affordable prices.   call north east driveways today for a free quotation on 07864030328 and see what discounts we have available on bookings made this month.


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    As well as the first rate driveway installations we do at North East Driveways and Joinery Services, we also offer (as our name suggests) a range of joinery services.  Chief amongst these is our comprehensive Fencing service, which we can tailor to suit any project and any aesthetic. From concrete posts and gravel boards to panels, boards and rails, we do it all. What is more, we use only high quality materials for the construction of our Fencing and all our timbers are treated to ensure maximum longevity. There are many different types of fencing products and panels to choose from, which some people can find confusing. That is why we at North East Driveways and Joinery Services help you choose which type of Fencing best matches the needs and look of your property. Whether it’s for additional security or simply to keep out unwanted animals (or people!), we will design and install the perfect fence for your property (see photos) all without breaking your budget..   So, if you are thinking of a new fence for your property, please don't hesitate to give us a call on 07864030328 for a free quote. Our advice is free and friendly and you are not obligated in any way to proceed. If you have found this article useful, please feel free to leave a comment and/or share this page using the social media icons below.    

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    Examples of colours and patterns and our finished work. The idea of this article is to show the different types of work we do and have done in driveways. There is more colours and patterns available too but this is really just to show what type of work we do and what people have been asking us to do. I will try my best to keep updating this article with more work examples  or alternatively go back to the main website for more information.   London cobble  Here we have a London cobble imprinted concrete driveway to which was laid in Norton Stockton on tees it took about 10 days to do from start to finish. the colour is basalt grey with a tinted black border and a gloss finish.   Country cobble Here we have a black country cobble imprinted concrete driveway in a gloss finish which was laid in Middlesbrough it took about a week to do from start to completion.   Royal ashlar Here we have a royal ashlar pattern imprinted concrete driveway in a gloss finish this job was laid in Guisbrough and took about 5 days to complete the colour is biscuit and it has a acid stain border toffee.   English Ashlar slate Here we have a English ashlar slate this job was laid in Sunderland and took 7 days to complete from start to finish the colour of the job is basalt grey and a tinted black border.   Plane concrete Here we have a plane concrete driveway we laid in fairfield stockton on tees it is a a magged plane concrete with a brush finish the took 5 days to do from start to finish.   Cheshire cobble  Cheshire cobble driveway here done in new Maske near Saltburn the colour is ash grey and was sealed a gloss finish.   Tegular block paving Tegular block paving here done in Stockton on tees Portrack the colour of these blocks are bracken with a charcoal inner border takes about a week to a job of this size. it was also key bonded after completion.    Roylal ashlar slate Royal ashlar slate in basalt grey and charcoal release the pattern was laid on 45 degree angel the job was laid in Stockton tees Ingelby Barrwick it took about 10 working days to complete this job from start to finish.   Tegular block paving Tegular block paving here done in martin Middlesbrough it took about a week to do this job from start to finish and colour of the blocks was heather with a charcoal border   I hope this article has been useful and please feel to comment like and share and if you like a quotation then please don't hesitate to give us a call www.northeastdriveways.com


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    At North East Driveways We Also offer a turfing service have a look at some of our recent jobs down below and please feel free to your comments on this article in the comments box at the bottom of the page as were always interested in hearing your thoughts.   Recent Work In Hartlepool.  Here we where asked to do a project which involve a patio, driveway, fence, gates and a new lawn. In the first picture you will we have removed and level the ground Ready for this project to begin.   Part Way Through The Lawn. After Fencing and laying the patio area and border to separate the soil planting borders from the lawn area we levelled the new soil that was delivered and started laying the lawn.   The Finished Lawn Area.  The lawn is Finished and ready for the patio to be washed and sealed with a pattern imprint concrete sealer and the rest of the project to proceed ahead.   Garden Accessories.             Redcar Works. Here We were asked to make a last minute alteration as to the plans for the project as originally the whole surface area was to be imprint concrete.   The Finished Project. We were asked to create a kidney shape lawn to add more character along with this projects other features. When having lawn work done it is always important to keep regularly water the surface area you have had done until the turf has taken.   If your interested in having a quotation for a lawn or having a garden project you can contact us on 07864030328 I hope this article has been useful. North East Driveways And Joinery Services The Specialist In Pattern Imprint Concrete, Block Paving, Fencing, Lawns And Decking And Also Clean and Reseals At Affordable Prices.   North East Driveways YouTube Channel.   Follow North East Driveways Youtube Channel For more video Vlogs don't forget to subcribe and hit the bell.   Lawn Mowers.        

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     Large Ashlar Classic Grey. At North East Driveways its been a busy summer and busy year too and we would like to thank all our customers for the work they given us. Here is some of our latest projects and examples of Imprinted concrete workmanship that we do across the whole of the North East.         Black Country Cobble. here we have a project we done in the Stockton On Tees area, where the customer had a limited budget so after giving a few ideas of costings and different designs it was decided by the customer to go with a black country cobble driveway and path around the house with a imprinted concrete border brick edge around the gravel infill where the garden use to be.            Small English Ashlar. here we where ask to design and do a patio area in a cotwolds and brown release colour with some space between the house and walls for some purple slate borders in Northallerton.         Black Cheshire Cobble. Here we have classic black Cheshire cobble project done in Billingham where we widen the entrance of the driveway by cutting down the wall and rebuilding the pillar and laying the pattern imprinted concrete driveway and patio.             Large Ashlar Regal. Here we were ask to create a patio area with a small wall in Eaglescliffe as the garden was higher than the path. The colour of the project is classic grey with a charcoal release agent and charcoal border and the pattern is done in a large ashlar regal pattern.            Ashlar Slate and English Ashlar. Here we were asked to do a infill of a area where it had raise charcoal  border so we done a plum red with a charcoal release agent in a English ashlar pattern against a brick red ashlar slate pattern in the Sunderland area.           Large Ashlar Regal. Here in the Hartlepool area, we were ask to do a patio and driveway project and a set of wooden gates the driveway and patio project was done in our large ashlar regal pattern the colour of the project is classic grey with a charcoal regent agent.              Further updates and on going projects. If you are thinking of having a driveway or patio done by us you can call us on 07864030328 You can also follow our latest projects and on going work via our facebook page or blog page on our website. Thanks for your time in reading this article please like and share.              

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      Here at North East driveways i like to show some of my latest projects whether there block paving, Imprinted concrete, paving flags or joinery.   The Starting Point   Here we have a picture of the original existing patio and my aim is to show you the transformation from old patio to the new patio.   Dig Out Process   With all pattern imprinted concrete jobs preparation is the key to a good job as you can see in this picture we have done the form work and installed the drianage and dug out and stone up the surface area.    Printing The Concrete When printing the surface area the more attention to detail is what gives your surface the more realistic element to paving.   Once A Surface Area Is Printed   After surface area is printed the concrete will need time to cure before the washing off stage begins.   Washing Off   At the stage of washing off the surface area is cleaned down and all shuttering is pulled and expansion joints are cut in.   Finished Project.    After the surface area is all clean down and dry the surface is sealed. If you would like to know any more information on then please don't hesitate to give me a call here at North East Driveways.      


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    Block Paving and Block Paved Driveways.  Here at North East Driveways we like to show you our work and the choice of the different services we offer. To days Article aim is to show you the different styles and colours available in block paving and give you a insight to how a block paved driveway is laid by us too.  Tegula Block Paving. Tegula block paving can come in various different styles and colours in this article my aim is to show you some examples of our work but if your interested in this type of product and are thinking of going down the road of having  this  type of driveway installed there is many more styles of blocks too choose from and we can show you more examples and styles if you choose to have  quotation from us.  The Starting Point. After choosing a pattern and style of block and the design of the area you are wanting done Like with any driveway or project there is always a starting point  and removing the old surface area and digging out is usually that point.   The Process Of Whats Involved With A Block paved Driveway.   At North East Driveways we always aim to have all waste and surface area dug out and removed and prepped up with in the first few days of a project depending on how big the surface area is of course but usually a standard driveway or patio is nothing compared to commercial projects in the photo above is us removing the waste from this driveway. Screeding and blocking of a project. Once the area has been dug out and the waste removed and the surface area stoned up compacted and the prep work of drainage has been done the area is sanded and screeded in sections and the blocks are then laid this when you start to see your driveway taken shape. Cutting In. With any block paved area or project once all blocks are laid you will have areas where the blocks will need to be cut in this done with either a block cutter or stil saw.   The finishing touches. After the cutting in process we at North East Driveways concrete all border bricks to stop the driveway from spreading we also sand and whack the block paved surface area and then key bond the blocks to stabilize the sand between the block paving joints and start to tidy the surrounding garden borders.   Finished work.   On completion we always aim to leave a driveway or patio area looking like this. i hope this article as been useful to you and please feel free to leave a comment and your thoughts if you are interested  in a quotation then please don't hesitate to give us call www.northeastdriveways.com we are open between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm thanks.          

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    North East Driveways How We Transform Your Driveway. The aim of this article is to show you how we at North East Driveways and Joinery Services transform a old existing surface area to a new one. With over 13 years in the pattern imprinted concrete industry i have always aim to to give a customer a insight to what is expected and what goes on with a job soo if your thinking or having a Pattern Imprinted Concrete driveway or patio done then i hope this article helps to give you an insight to what happens and whats involved with the process of one. So as you can see this is a customer existing Driveway in the Sunderland area and he asked us if we could dig out the whole area and lay him a pattern imprinted concrete one because he was parking issues with only having a small driveway. So we gave him a price to knock down the wall and lay and basalt grey decorative concrete driveway with the design of a ashler pattern with a charcoal border and a gloss finish seal and as you can see from the above picture this is what we did for him. At the start of every job there is always the digging out process and removing of the waste as you can see in the picture and as very common question we get asked all the time too, we thought we would give you a insight to how we remove the rubble and waste and how we get rid of it. Also if you have notice we aim to keep all waste on the area we are doing as this helps keep the dirt down and stop any inconvenience for the neighbours. We also aim to get rid of the waste with in the first day but only if the job is fully dug out and ready for the grab lorry. We always aim to lay a 100 mm of concrete in our driveways and for a domestic driveway of a imprinted concrete area. the above picture is at the front of this driveway a joining on too the public foot path. The photo is only a insight to show you the depth of what we lay too and not a job that is fully prep up and ready to go for concreting. As you can see from the above picture we are part way through the prepping of this job a couple more hours on here and we where done and ready for concreting. The main aim in prepping is to make sure the levels are correct  drainage and manhole covers are at the correct hight and for a imprinted concrete driveway to have at least 100 mm of type one stone for a foundation and for the job to be whacked off with a compactor plate.   Now the most messy part of a imprinted concrete job, the imprinting part, once the concrete is laid and the colour has been floated off and the areas that need edging in, have been edged in the release is applied and we have to print the job unfortunately Release agents are very dusty but its necessarily that this has to be done to create the two tone effect that appears once a imprinted concrete job is sealed.  Once a Imprinted Concrete area has been done and laid and after at least 24 hours after a job has been laid the cleaning up process begins. We aim at North East Driveways And Joinery Services to Clean the full area down and all windows and doors and all wall gelled areas and also because sometimes the release agents blows over to next door we also clean down the neighbours windows and doors as this seems to be area release agents like to collect at.  Once a job has been all cleaned down and is all dry the finishing touches are done and the surface area is sealed there is too type of choices for sealant the most popular is a gloss finish but there is also mat. Well i hope this article has been useful and helpful please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments, likes and shares and i hope this give you a insight to how a job is done and what is involved work wise. If you have been interested or are thinking of having a imprint concrete driveway or patio area done they are great for easy maintenance and are hassel free for weeds if you would like a Quotation for one or just some friendly advice then please hesitate to give a call at www.northeastdriveways.com we are open from 8am til 8pm and and are always here to help.