• 0 Re-sealing Imprint Concrete And Block Paving Services.

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     At North East Driveways We Offer A Re-sealing Service Of Imprint Concrete To New And Existing Customers. We Also Do Sealant Treatments To Block Paving As Well Indian Sandstone And Paving Flags If Your Driveway Or Patio Is In Need Of This Treatment  And You Would Quote On This Service Then Contact Me At Info@northeastdriveways.com Or Visit www.northeastdriveways.com     Examples Of Imprint Concrete Being Re-sealed. Redcar. Whitby. Spennymoor. Middlesbrough.  Here Are Examples Of Work I Have Done Over The Years With Treating Imprint Concrete Driveways And Patios Across The North East.  Treating Your Imprint Concrete Surface Will Protect The Top From Dirt And Grime Also Make The Surface Oil Resistant.  Want To Know More ? If You Want To Know More On How This Service And Treatment Works You Can Here At  Clean And Reseals. Also You Can Follow My Up To Date Projects On My Facebook Page At North East Driveways And Joinery Services. If Your Wanting To Know More About The Treatments and cleaning of Block Paving You Can Here At Block Paving Clean and Reseals   A Recent Fencing Job We Did In Sunderland. Want To Enjoy Your Garden This Year And Make The Most Of Them Summer Days And Evenings Or Long Weekends In The Garden Entertaining Guest Or Just Relaxing Then Shop With Us At Products For Sale For Everything You Need To Enjoy The Garden.

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    What Better Way To Show Off Your Potting Skills And Designs With Planted Pots For The Patio Or Driveway. Displaying Plots Can Give Your Driveway Or Patio The Finishing Touches For You And Your Guest To Admire. Planted Pots Can Really Make The Home Feel Proud.   ">   ">   "> ">     ">                                  

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    The Perfect Way To Enjoy Your Patio And Garden On Evening And Keeping Warm At The Same Time Also Some Products You Can Use For Cooking With Too. An Excellent Way To Enjoy The Evening With Your Partner After A Hard Day Work.                                       Treating Moss And Algae Service. Getting Your Patio And Garden Ready For The Enjoyment Of Use For Those Warm Days Evenings Can Some Times Be Quit A Task. At North East Driveways Joinery Services We Offer A Services To Treat Moss And Algae On Driveways, Patios, Decking And Fences. Get Your Garden Driveway Or Patio Ready For The Summer To Enjoy, Winter Is The Perfect Time To Do So. Visit www.northeastdriveways.com Today And See What Services We Have To Offer.    

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      Algae And Moss Generates Over Time On A Surface Area, Particularly Driveways, Patios, Fences, Walls And Decking. The Beginning Of Year Is A Perfect Time To Have Surface Area Treated Even Without The Need Of Using A Jet Wash But Of Course We Do Offer A Jet Washing Service Too As Well As A Sealing Service. And All Both Services Can Be Done Within The Same Works. If You Would A Quote On This Service Then Please Contact Us At Info@northeastdriveways.com Or Visit www.northeastdriveways.com   Example.  Moss And Algae Remover Is A Chemical Treatment Service That We Offer. Once Treated After 3/5 Days The Moss And Algae Will Die Off Leaving Your Treated Surface Area Moss And Algae Free To Enjoy. The Photo Above was After An Hour Of Treatment.   On This Occasion I Was Asked To Provide A Jet Washing And Re-sanding Service But With Algae And Moss Treatment You Don't To Necessarily Need To Wash The Surface Area As The Chemical Treatment Will Cure The Problem.   Here Is This Job Fully Chemically Treated And After The Third Day Was Ready To Be Washed Off. The Processing Of Washing Was A Couple Of Hours Work And The Treatment Was A Couple Of Hours Work Too But Every Job Can Vary Depending On What Is Needed.  

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       What better way than to enjoy your garden by having a BBQ in it. whether your entertaining guest, friends or just enjoying the family time and then relaxing on a full stomach afterwards. having a BBQ can be such entertaining fun for you and your family especially when we get the hot summer days and evenings.                                              Accessories set.                     BBQ Covers.            Charcoal.            Block Paving Repairs And Cleaning. At North East Driveways We Offer A Block Paving Repair Service As Well As Cleaning And Treatments Such As Algae And Moss Removing Treatment And Sealing Services. There's A Wide Range Of Sealant Products Available From Water Base Sealants To Solvents. Picking The Right Choice For Your Driveway Or Patio Can Be Confusing sometimes. IF Your Looking To Improve Or Repair Your Existing Block Pave Driveway Then Give us North East Driveways A Call To Arrange A Quote We Will Certainly Be Happy To Help. www.NorthEastDriveways.Com   Examples Of My Work. Shop Online For All Your Garden Accessories With North East Driveways At Products For Sale.

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     Looking For the right garden furniture for the patio or decking area or something comfortable for those BBQ Days. Finding the right choice for your garden Seating can give the garden the perfect finishing touch have your garden ready this summer for your family and friends  to enjoy those late summer Evenings. Wooden Garden Furniture can also give your surrounding garden area the more bespoke look and finish your looking for.  Shop Now.                           Planning Your Driveway Or Patio Project This Year ? We at North East Driveways have a range of patterns, colours and designs to choose from. Visit our website today at www.northeastdriveways.com to arrange a quote. North East Driveways the specialist in pattern imprint concrete, block paving, resin bond, fencing and decking, clean and reseals and much more all at Affordable prices too. 

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       Relaxing in the garden enjoying the sun when we get it. wooden furniture is great for relaxing and the enjoyment of them sunny days and late evenings. Picking garden furniture that suites your needs and is comfortable can sometimes be a bit of a task but there is plenty of wooden garden furniture to choose from plus much more to see at Garden Furniture                                    At North East Driveways we have years of experience of Driveways and patios installations from block paving to imprint concrete and much more. we pride our selves on working from many recommendations  from past customers. If your thinking or are looking for new driveway or patio then please don't hesitate to give us a call as we would happy to help you. www.northeastdriveways.com   

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      Having the right Winter products for your garden and being prepared for the winter months can make life so much easier for when the cold snap comes so be prepared for the winter months.   Garden Accessories.                      Snow shovels.            Covers.          

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    Inspiration for your garden and patio area and great for relaxing and enjoyment. whether you're relaxing with your other half at the end of a hard day or adding a little extra indulgence to your  parties BBQ with friends a inflatable spa or hot tub is the ultimate garden essential to help you make the most of the summer months. Shop Now                                                      North East Driveways. The Specialist in Pattern Imprint concrete, block paving, Fencing And Decking and also Cleaning and reseals. At Affordable Prices Call North East Driveways Today For a Free Quotation on 07864030328 or visit www.northeastdriveways.com And See What Discounts We have On Bookings Made This Month.                       Imprint Concrete                        Colours                            Patterns    

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    keeping garden maintain can be quite a job and sometimes a garden and gardeners nightmare is plant and weed invasion. There are products available to help with weed growth and maintaining your garden keeping it in shape all year round and helping you to have a easier life in maintaining your beautiful garden and its surroundings.  Weed Burning Guns. Ideal products for Flame Weeding. Flame weeding is passing a Flame over the weed/plant briefly to heat the plant tissues enough to kill them.            Weed Killers. Products For killing off invasive plants/weeds right to the roots. helping you maintain the beautiful garden.                    Algae And Moss Products. Products for killing off and preventing moss and algae growth.            Patio Cleaners. Product for cleaning driveway and patio surfaces areas some products are ideal for fencing and decking surfaces too.          Garden Sprayers. Products for spraying algae and moss removers and some patio cleaning products also ideal for some garden plant feeds. Shop more with North East Driveways                   North East Driveways And Joinery Services. For professional driveway and patio installations visit North East Driveways Website and see what discounts we have bookings made this month.   More Products Shop Online Today. Shop for gazebos Shop for hot tubs Shop for garden furniture    Imprint Concrete Cheshire Cobble. Want to know more on how a Pattern Imprint Concrete Installation works then click the link for more information You can also follow Youtube Channel and see video vlogs of our work too. We also offer other services like Block paving Installations too so feel free to through our blog categories.